KW International, LLC to Acquire Advance Fabrication & Measurement LLC.

HOUSTON (December 16, 2014) – KW International, LLC (KWI), an OFS Energy Fund portfolio company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advance Fabrication & Measurement LLC (AFM). The partnership with AFM diversifies KWI’s product offering, expands its customer base and provides an additional manufacturing facility in Midland, TX.

AFM, founded in 2008, is a Midland-based oil and gas measurement and fabrication company offering oil field services, parts and supplies. AFM’s product offering includes natural gas measurement meter runs, electronic flow meters, and numerous parts and supplies to compliment meter runs. All 100+ AFM employees were hired at KWI concurrent with closing, increasing KWI’s employees to nearly 400. On a combined basis, the company has three manufacturing plants (Houston, Columbus and Midland) and a dozen services centers.

“This acquisition will allow us to expand our product and service offerings to provide our clients with fully integrated energy solutions,” said Don Ray, KWI’s President and CEO. “AFM brings a strong customer base and an experienced operations team with excellent knowledge of its core products. super mario world We’re looking forward to working with their whole team and are pleased to announce that energy service veterans, Jeff Duncan, President and Kyle Phillips, Vice-President of AFM, will join KWI’s leadership team.”

KWI has grown rapidly since the 2012 recap with OFS by i) developing a state-of-the-art Columbus facility, ii) establishing a Hobbs, New Mexico service/supply shop and Permian Basin based service team, iii) recruiting a Rockies-based service team and iv) expanding its standard product offering to assist customers with selecting the right product at competitive price and delivery schedule. gamf The company has recruited and hired a senior management team – including but not limited to CEO, COO and CFO positions – that is capable of leading the integration of AFM and continuing to grow KWI’s production equipment businesses efficiently and profitably. The company has added over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity and a handful of service centers in the last two years.

“OFS is pleased to provide financial and strategic support to KWI and its senior management team with its growth plans. This acquisition not only grows and diversifies KWI but also brings together two businesses with similar entrepreneurial cultures and strong values to accelerate future growth,” stated Jerad McMayon, OFS Partner.

“We are definitely looking forward to this new chapter, and are very optimistic about the synergies that clearly exist between KWI and AFM,” said Jeff Duncan. “Moving forward, we will bring the same level of commitment AFM has always offered and look ahead to continued growth and success as the newest members of the KWI team.”