Taking the Time to Do It Right. Every Time.

Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) is our primary focus in everything we do. Our goal is to have zero safety and environmental events, and we work hard to maintain an HSE culture that ensures every person is responsible and accountable for their actions. To us, safety is always performing the job the right way every day.

The driving force behind our HSE culture is to ensure that every employee goes home the way they came to work—healthy and safe.

Our goals are simple:

• KWI is committed to HSE
• ZERO Total Recordable Incident Rate
• No harm to employees
• No damage to the environment
• Prevent all adverse safety and environmental events

Our commitment is strong:

• We exemplify safety leadership from the top down
• We understand that all adverse safety and environmental events are preventable
• We work in a safe and environmentally conscious manner
• We minimize waste
• We take strict compliance with laws and regulations very seriously

At KWI, HSE is everyone’s responsibility!

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