Driven by Our Core Values, Guided by Strong Principles.

Our vision, mission and values are more than a collection of words and ideas; they are the driving force behind our continued success as a company.


A safe, healthy and environmentally conscious work force is the catalyst for continued quality products.

Quality & Excellence:

Exceeding industry expectations by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

The quality of being honest and fair.

Customer focused providing unparalled and innovative solutions.

Team Work:
Same Team. Same Goal.


We are one united team dedicated to setting the new standard for excellence. We provide our customers with innovative solutions while exceeding their expectations.


Our Mission is to build the highest quality and best value O&G production equipment in the industry.

KWI’s commitment to safety is first and foremost to our customers, employees, and the environment. Through these commitments, we provide unparalleled experience, service, and solutions to our industry partners.


KWI employees are committed to:
• Leading by example in accordance with the company’s core values.
• Building the trust and confidence of the people with which they work.
• Continually seeking improvement in their methods and effectiveness.
• Keeping people informed.
• Being accountable for their actions and holding others accountable for theirs.
• Involving people, seeking their views, listening actively to what they have to say, and representing these views honestly.
• Being clear on what is expected, and providing feedback on progress.
• Showing tolerance of people’s differences and dealing with their issues fairly.
• Acknowledging and recognizing people for their contributions and performance.
• Weighing alternatives, considering both short- and long- term effects, and then being resolute in the decisions they make.